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    Junior Lessons

Junior lessons at River Hall can open up new worlds for kids or teens or they can help established junior players master their game. River Hall Country Club offers expert-designed golf instruction for all juniors, no matter what level of play they bring to the course.

Junior Golf Instruction for Everyone

The fundamentals of golf can be taught at any age. Throughout the years, we’ve seen young kids develop a mental acumen for the game, upon which they built exceptional form out on the golf course. We believe golf is first and foremost a mental sport, with physical form naturally falling in behind a well-developed mindset.

All our junior golf lesson packages are built on that same notion: that golf is as mental as it is physical. Kids will learn mental techniques as well as physical motions they’ll need to grow and improve their game.

Learning the World of Golf

Kids and teens will also learn the culture of golf—the etiquette, for example. They may even pick up some golf history along the way! That’s what happens when you put kids together with dedicated professionals who love what they do. Kids are naturally curious and our golf pros absolutely love talking about anything having to do with golf!

Instructors Born to Teach Golf

Well, that’s how we see them, anyway! We don’t hire golf pros who can’t deliver exceptional instruction to all kinds of kids and teens. They must demonstrate not only a passion for golf but also a passion for teaching our next generation of golfers.

Each golf coach has extensive experience in every aspect of the game, including club fitting. They are well-informed in the latest instructional techniques and they’ve built their reputation on delivering the highest quality instruction to kids and teens of all attitudes and abilities.

Call River Hall Country Club to Sign Up

If you’d like to learn more about signing up your kid or teen for junior lessons at River Hall Country Club, please call 239-313-4653. We invite you to stop by to see our extensive practice areas—over 60 acres!

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